Sch Af3 and End~

I tried this battle today for Vazi, Rdm/Blu. Since wiki say/Seen a Video of the NM spamming AoE JA with Tier III when he 2hr, no point in sj Nin, with full buff and Cocoon(No Taco) he hit me 0 without stoneskin lol, he break my Stoneskin with 2 TierIII, so Im guess about 150-200dmg/1 depending which TierIII. The Battle was pretty easy, forgot to take a picture '-'; Sorry! XD

Yay~ Graduated >.>;

And apperantly I have real life stuff to do, and will be busy, very busy, so I won't be able to play alot anymore like used to, therefore My Livejournal Ends here ^^ Sometimes if you think about it ending online game isnt a bad thing.

Tiny /goodbye~

My HNMLS's sacker ran into some real life problems and had to quit today, i think ( Sorry cant really read japanese well!) or maybe he's just bored of the game (15 75s job, All HNM gear, 99% gear HQ'd)

Goodbye Tiny さん~ ; ;

Tarutarus picture~


Yea Bloodlapper, the sch only Magic Attack Bonus Hands(Probably best Sch hands too), as for the pop item I did 1/1 on a Ninja mob with rdm/nin (No TH) either I was super lucky or its easy drop, back to the Bloodlapper NM, wiki say rdm/nin can solo it as well as blm/nin but after a long ass 40mins battle with him I found out hes kinda hard and not really sure how can a blm/nin solo it, maybe im just crappy soloer? maybe..

NM is a flying bug thing, no idea what they are, ladybug? maybe, anyway he do Drk magics and a TP move which is pretty deadly, to me anyway. Only magic that you need to watch out is Drain, I guess he got some crazy super Dark skill like 40,934,092,850 Skill, because he can drain over 1000hp(Drained me 804 with stoneskin(350dmg) once, leaving 15ish hp) lucky I lived, as for the tp move; it takes off 2-3 shadows(Usually 3) and addiontal effect,  Poison, Bio, Bind, Slow and Blind? i think(Can have more then one addiontal effect with 1 tp move), he run alittle faster then wlegs, and bind, gravity doesnt really last long, hit kinda fast too..

I messed up around 50%(Ate 2 tp moves(Bio'd poison'd slow'd)) a bit laggy with 2boxing while soloing(Its like trying to frap a Fafnir fight) but yea I lived somehow..

As you can see, not really a nice start (Bound).

Kite while trying to avoid the DC~T(maybe VT) Mobs.

^^ Grats, hope she likes the hand for her SCH when she log on.(Havnt see her few days ; ;)

EDIT: apperantly after 1month, I found out this NM is sleepable -.-;;;;;; so he isnt hard as long as you sleep it when you eat his tp move


After Update SCH is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH Must get SCH75!!!! Its the END OF BLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baronial Bat

Baronial Bat Solo'd, I thought it was hard but I was wrong =.= Totally wrong! I almost Ichi tank the whole fight. Para owns this NM by the way, I dont know if dagger do better then sword, I had my dagger on me but never changed to it, just followed Avesta style two sword(I didnt even have stone lol so its only 3 attack there)

Haha Parrying Skill up! Vazi is there because its her WSNM, and it was actually me dual boxing so...

lol Crab repopped so I had to sleep it while killing! thats how not hard the wsnm is!

Mini utsusemi testing~

I always wonder whats the lowest recast can a rdm get, so today I asked maru to borrow his dusk hands+1 and speedbelt. It was just a simple magic haste + haste equip then cast Ichi/Ni test, from my own equip (Swift belt, nq hands) I get Ichi recast 16secs and Ni 25secs, with full haste15% (not including haste 1% shield)
I get ichi15secs and Ni24secs, so its not really a big different adding 3 more haste from my equip but it will save lifes when soloing on a bad day.

For attack speed, it feels like a little slower then non-haste kclub. (No marches No haste magic and No haste equip)

Fuck yes~!

After being first lotter on my old ls then moved ls (Event time really bad), I finally climb my way up to first in my current ls~ ! The best legs in the game for rdm! (imo).


Loving it~ The style, colour and stats!

Just missing sea cape~ ^^ Freaking Ix'Drk and his gay cape.. =.=

Super Tarus!

My HNM ls asked me to go few runs of ISNM, since it drop 300k ores I went and give it a try! and yes my luck remains 0 -.-; nothing more then 10k dropped from all 5 ISNM....

While we doing the ISNM, I took some super taru pictures! 5 Dalma party~ ^^ This is like 1/10th Abody we have in our ls (*'-')